Research Metrics

Research Metrics

Development of a Metric System for the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

This project synthesized monitoring and evaluation approaches in developing a comprehensive measurement system for the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute based at St. Michael’s Hospital.  This project explored how evaluation approaches could be integrated with monitoring approaches to measure the impact of organizational-level research on social, health and community impacts.

Funder:  Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

Period of Grant:  October 2013-April 2015

Evaluation of the Teasdale-Corti Global Health Research Partnership Program

The Teasdale-Corti Global Health Research Partnership Program supported global health research teams and individual researchers working with research users in low- and middle-income countries to develop, test, and implement innovative approaches to collaborative research that build partnerships between researchers and policy makers in the field of health and development.  The program focused on four research-to-impact areas: (i) health policy and system research; (ii) prevention and control of pandemics; (iii) prevention and control of chronic diseases; and (iv) interactions of health, environment and development. The evaluation developed a theory of change for the Teasdale-Corti program that included: clarifying the underlying assumptions and risks inherent in the program through a global health research approach; examining the performance of the program as it relates to the theory of change; and understanding the implementation challenges.

Funder:  IDRC

Period of Grant:  March 2012-December 2012