How will the monitoring of the analysis and evaluation data generate learning?

The evaluation also needs to discuss how the information that is being collected will help individual interventions adapt their activities based on learning.  Clarity about the evaluation methodology including the range of analytical techniques is important to decision making for sustaining programs or informing improvements in individual initiatives.

  • Discuss how the information will be useful to individual initiatives.  This builds trust and support for the evaluation and contributes toward better decisions.
  • Think explicitly about how the analysis will be conducted to generate timely information for the initiatives and how the analysis would help inform the decision to continue the program.
  • Develop a coordinated data strategy: it is critical that data on the key performance measures not be collected piece meal. Be clear about what kinds of data are to be collected and for what purpose, as well as who is in charge of the data collection system.  Data collection needs to be informed by the theory of change.

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