An Evaluator’s Journey And Response: Responding To Inequities, Vulnerabilities And Answering Sustainability During COVID 19




Reflecting on COVID-19 in India – What evaluator competencies are most relevant?

  • Empathy
    • When we are talking to frontline workers, we need to be appreciative of the work that they are doing, give them time and space, building perspective, showing warmth when we are interviewing, listening.
  • Disruptive in a disruptive world
    • Using technology as an enabler (e.g., to reach out to communities, to find more convenient times to reach people, such as after office hours).
  • Methodology and data multiplicity
    • Multiple data points add value
  • Relational
    • Helps in having everyone on board – convincing that evaluation can add value even in times like these.
  • Collaboration
    • Helps in pooling resources in the context of a resource-constrained environment; helps in building multiple perspectives.