The “Other” Competencies for Effective Practice & Pandemic Response




  • Inside the mind of an evaluation practitioner – the difference between theory and actual practice
  • Impact of pandemics, crises, and the rapidly changing context to evaluation practice
    • Disruption to normal processes
    • Uncertainty about the future
    • Discontinuity of core evaluation services
    • Inequalities unearthed or exacerbated
    • Redundancy as some services become unneeded
  • Implications:
    • Evaluation practice demands more than conventional set of competencies
    • Competencies previously thought of as peripheral become CORE
    • Evaluator Training must respond to need for additional skills
    • Evaluator Training must build Broad Based Capabilities
  • Three broad domains of additional competencies – REFEREE skills:
    • Relational Competencies
    • Enabling Competencies
    • Foundational Competencies