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The newly formed Evaluation Centre for Complex Health Interventions at St. Michaels Hospital is pleased to organize a three hour workshop on evaluating community and policy interventions on July 5th between 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. This workshop is especially designed for staff working in policy and community organizations.

It will provide opportunities to dialogue about experiences with evaluation and about basic steps evaluators and planners can take to make evaluations matter. The workshop will provide a space to discuss the ways in which evaluative thinking and evaluation approaches can help address a range of policy and community problems. This workshop is first of an ongoing series and subsequent workshops will also discuss details of evaluation solutions to challenging community and policy interventions.

This first workshop will serve to map some of the evaluation challenges that staff working in policy and community organizations encounter in making evaluations matter. The workshop will include a discussion on the basics of evaluation as well as necessary steps in developing an evaluation plan. It will highlight key ideas such as clarifying the ‘theory of change' -- the guiding assumptions, objectives and pathways of influence and impact that we think our initiative will have, and developing evaluation strategies that work in dynamic and complex environments.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about challenges that other planners, implementers and evaluators face in evaluating policy and community interventions

  • Learn the basics of developing a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation plan for addressing learning and accountability goals of community and policy interventions.

  • Learn about recent trends in evaluations of community initiatives and policy interventions