April 8, 2021


Navigating Spectacular Ambitions: The Role of Evaluations to Ensure the Sustainable Development Goal of “No One Left Behind”

This webinar explored the multiple roles that evaluation can play in enhancing the likelihood that the SDGs’ focus of “no one left behind” can be successful. This webinar was premised on the idea that evaluators have a role to interrogate what it would take for the SDGs to be serious about leaving no one behind.  

As the field of evaluation continues to grow in the worlds of practice, policy, community, and academia, it is vital that we hold ourselves to account on how we as a field can be more responsive to addressing the promise of ‘no one left behind.’ Evaluation as a field has not been as focused on addressing how thinking evaluatively, evaluation approaches and methods can help address problems of inequities.

This webinar aspired to promote dialogue and reflection about the utility of different evaluation approaches to the SDGs.

The exciting slate of speakers included:

Abhijit Das, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington, and Global Co-Convenor of COPASAH a global health rights and social accountability network

Zenda Ofir, an independent evaluation specialist and Vice-President of the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS).

Orielle Solar, a leader in thinking about system-level theories of change, from Chile and the Pan American Health Organization and former member of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Commission on Social Determinants of Health

Mel Mark, former President of the American Evaluation Association and former Editor of the American Journal of Evaluation, and Professor of Psychology at Penn State University.

Zenda Ofir, an independent evaluation specialist and Vice-President of the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS).


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Download Zenda Ofir’s slides [1.50 MB]


For each of the webinars, we synthesized the exchange of comments from the webinar chat and summarised the learnings from the presentations.

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