The Evaluation Centre for Complex Health Interventions at Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital is pleased to invite you to a workshop on “Enduring Challenges in Evaluating Community and System-Change Initiatives: Towards a progressive view of performance.” This workshop will take place on May 24th, 2012  from 1:30pm- 4:30pm.  

Key questions for the workshop include:

  • What are some unique challenges in assessing performance for community and system-level change initiatives?

  • What are some concrete examples of evaluative approaches that address some of the challenges identified?

  • How can evaluations help address learning and accountability challenges for community and system-change initiatives?


Local and international leaders in community and system-level change join us:

Anne Kubisch, Director, Roundtable on Community Change, Aspen Institute, United States

Stacey Daub, Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)

Tim Warren, Policy Lead on Self-Management, Department of Health, Scottish Government, United Kingdom

Ibrahim Daibes, Senior Program Manager, International Development Research Centre, Ottawa

Michael Hall, Vice President Program Research and Development,  YMCA of Greater Toronto

Fred Carden, Director, Evaluation Unit, International Development Research Centre, Ottawa

The event will be highly interactive with ample opportunity for questions and dialogue. This workshop is especially relevant to individuals who work on implementing and evaluating programs and policies in the community, health, educational, environmental, development and other sectors, and those who work on system-change initiatives.